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Singapore is a country station for several trips to distant destinations. Was once a quiet fishing island, now is cosmopolitan and sophisticated model with class and cleanliness. In recent years, Singapore has grown into a center of trade and business with parks, skyscrapers and huge avenues. The name means city of lions and was given by the prince of Sumatra. Located at the southern tip of Malaysia and is well connected by two bridges.



Popullar Attractions

botanical gardens

botanical gardens

The botanical garden of Singapore is one of the nine most beautiful gardens in the world. A tropical forest that contains more than 20,000 orchids, turtles and monkeys. You can stroll and relax in this natural wonder. Several times you wonder if the plants are real or simply a composition of artificial flowers and orchids



The Singapore Zoo is the first zoo that has animals freely in an open environment without barriers to divide the people. Of course this applies where applicable. It is specially designed to allow the animals live in their natural environment. It hosts more than 2000 animals and themes from around the world. The orangutans are one of the free species of the garden which those who visit have the opportunity to approach

Park bird

Park Bird Tzourongk

The park extends over 20 hectares of wild vegetation and home to 8000 birds and more than 600 species. Watch the birds and impressed with their colorful wings. An experience in a natural habitat that will pleasantly surprise you.

Our Travel proposal includes:
• Flights to and from Singapore with stopover.
• Airport taxes
• Pick up and transfer from the airport to the hoteland vice versa when availiable
• Excursions and tours with our English speaking partners when availiable
• issuing Visas to countriesthat is esential when possible


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